Nutcracker Swings | 2021

Nutcracker Swings 2021



Nutcracker Swings | 2021

Show Summary

Nutcracker Swings - The Nutcracker as you have never seen it before! Come see The Academy Dance Company and experience this updated version of an American Holiday Classic. Set at the end of World War II we open with a swingin' party on Christmas Eve in the 1940's, dancers jump, jive and twist as they welcome home their local hero, a soldier who has been overseas fighting. Mary receives a Nutcracker as a gift from the mysterious Madam Duvall, the war hero's mother. When she falls asleep that night, Mary dreams that her Nutcracker soldier magically comes to life and tells her all about his worldly travels with dancers from China, France, Hawaii and more! This show is packed with ballet, tap, swing and jazz… fun for the entire family!

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