Special Needs Dance Classes

, Special Needs Dance Classes

Special Needs Dance Class on Friday

“I choose not to place "DIS", in my ability.”
― Robert M. Hensel



The British Academy of Performing Arts is thrilled to be adding two new dance classes to its program this Fall.

Friday Mixed Ability Dance Classes with Miss Irina!

These will be mixed ability classes for students, no prior experience necessary.
Please do call us for more information.

In the supportive, encouraging environment students will learn:
how to use and move in the space of dance room
music: tempo, energy, emotions
different style of dance: ballet, modern, jazz, etc
create their own dance compositions
explore different ways of movement in the wheelchairs

Classes designed help kids to discover the beauty of dance. Through participation students will improve their motor skills, coodination, listening skills, develop confidence, ability to work as a team, discipline, make new friends and above all have fun!

At the end of the year class will be part of school recital. It is very joyous time: costumes, make up, rehearsal of the dance and its performance on the stage, and of course there is lots of applause.
Cost is $58 per month, partial scholarships are available, please ask us for more info.

Please call 770 578 8272 or contact us at marsha@bapa.us for more information.
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