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New to BAPA? We welcome new students - we invite you to take our 'Trial Week' a whole week of classes, that way you can see what works for you.

Call us to chat about which class is right for your child, and to book a tour of the studio: 770-578-8272

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ONE-STOP SHOP - to make it easy, get your dance uniform at BAPA! Book ahead for your fitting. 


BAPA Schedules by Age - Aug 2022 - May 2023  

Ages 2 - 5 yrs: CLICK HERE
Ages 5 - 8 yrs: CLICK HERE
Ages 5 - 8 yrs Boys: CLICK HERE
Ages 9 - 12 yrs: CLICK HERE
Ages 9 - 12 yrs Boys: CLICK HERE
Ages Teens & Adults: CLICK HERE
ADC - Academy Dance Company: CLICK HERE
CDC - Competition Dance Company: CLICK HERE


OPEN HOUSE 2 - 6th August. Come for a tour and chat about class options. 

AUDITIONS - Musical Theatre / Dance Competition - ask us for more info 


COVID Policy August 2022 - IMPORTANT UPDATE - Face-coverings at BAPA are optional.

We will continue with our general social distancing guidelines: temperatures taken, separate entrances for each studio, specifically allocated restrooms, class sizes restricted, car pooling for pick up and drop off. Need more help? Do you have questions? Let us know.