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New to BAPA? We welcome new students - we invite you to take our 'Trial Week' a whole week of classes, that way you can see what works for you.

Call us to chat about which class is right for your child, and to book a tour of the studio: 770-578-8272

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ONE-STOP SHOP - to make it easy, get your dance uniform at BAPA! Book ahead for your fitting. 

SUMMER PROGRAMS - Themed Summer Camps / Saturday Classes / Dancer Intensive Program


BAPA Schedules by Age - 7th Aug 2023 - May 2024  

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AUDITIONS - Musical Theatre / Dance Competition - ask us for more info 

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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Drop off and pick up procedures; keeping our studio a safe and educationally focused creative atmosphere. Putting children first. We offer a car pooling for pick up and drop off, just like school. Hand sanitizer on entry and exit. Learning first - our calm environment enables students to get immediately engaged with the learning.

Mini-program, 2 - 4 year olds - parents have the option to stay in the building with our youngest performers.  

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