Open Classes - British Academy of Performing Arts - Marietta

British Academy of Performing Arts is a Performing Arts School that offers Dance, Acting, Musical Theatre and Voice classes. There are several options available to you:

Open Classes: ages 2 - 7 years / Skills Level Class ages 8 - 12 years

In Open Classes students are placed by age, in Skills Classes students are placed by skills level only; skills placement assessments are conducted in your childs first class. Students will take classes on a weekly basis; in ballet skills classes students typically take two classes a week. We follow the Cobb school calendar year.

In these classes all students will receive a high quality of training and teacher attention to ensure that they are developing both their skills and performance technique. This training will prepare our students for performing, at our annual Recital at The J.T. Anderson Theatre. In addition all ballet students perform in our Winter Ballet Show in December.
All classes have 'Window Viewing Week' the last week of each month; parents are invited to observe their children take regular class. We also have in-house showings of work in progress throughout the year.

Special Needs Dance Program

Classes designed help kids to discover the beauty of dance. Through participation students will improve their motor skills, coordination, listening skills, develop confidence, ability to work as a team, discipline, make new friends and above all have fun! For more info click HERE

Teen Program

The Teen Program is specifically designed to accommodate the beginner through advanced student by offering different streams of classes. We encourage all performers to take more than one performance discipline to ensure that at BAPA we produce well rounded performers! The Teen Program has a very high quality of teachers and students are expected to achieve the same level of technique as Company Performers, but with less time commitment. All students enrolled on the Teen Program have the opportunity to perform both at our annual BAPA Recital at The J.T. Anderson Theatre, and as guest dancers in other shows throughout the year.


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