Junior Theatre Festival

Junior Theatre Festival
Junior Theatre Festival

Junior Theatre Festival


Class runs: Aug 2022 through the festival. Fridays 5:30 - 7:00

Students must be 9 year old - by the festival date to attend.

Festival Entry Fee: *$300 per person (due 19th Sept).

Pricing: $25 per Friday class, you will be charged weekly.

Parents are welcome to attend as chaperones (entry fees apply).


What is JTF?

It’s a musical theatre festival with 6,000 kids… a weekend full of - MUSICAL THEATRE.

  • We do a 15 minute performance in front of an adjudication panel of expert judges, you get feedback immediately and they workshop right there.
  • Workshops with Master Teachers in acting, dance and vocals.
  • Broadway show previews on the main stage.
  • Q & A and performances with Broadway Stars.
  • Question and answer sessions with Broadway professionals.
  • Meeting other students from all over the world.

Above all else you will have fun, you will be surrounded by tons of people who LOVE musical theatre as much as you do. It is a place where you will find ‘your people’.


WHAT IS JTF? In essence, it is a two-day musical theatre festival with 6,000+ participants. 

Actors perform one show, it has to be a Junior show we have performed and they present a 15-minute version. This is adjudicated by 2 professionals in the industry who give immediate feedback, and workshop sections of the show. Actors then have a debrief to discuss their experience. 

In addition, actors attend the following workshops: dance/acting/vocals. They have the option to attend theatre technical workshops, and there are numerous shows, discussions, demos, karaoke, discos etc. throughout the weekend.  They will see performers from Broadway, see talks given by composers, dancers, playwrights, producers… this really exposes your child to every area of the industry. It is a festival like no other, and incredible experience your child will remember forever!

Watch these short videos for more info:



JTF 2022 - Info CLICK HERE

Check examples of our performances and clips from classes on our youtube channel!

Junior Theatre Festival