Competition Dance Company is off to Nationals!

Join us in celebrating our CDC dancers as they go off to National Competition. We are so excited CDC dancers lead by our wonderful Miss Nicole are going to Rainbow National Competition, at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Dance Competitions are increasingly popular, and such a great way to develop your skills. That’s why we  decided to add another pre-professional company to our training, CDC was launched in 2018. Let’s face it, performers are always competing, at audition for the part, in class to be at ‘that’ spot on the barre. Healthy competition is just that, healthy. It helps to prepare our leaders of tomorrow. At BAPA dancers are positively encouraged to push through to the next level, to welcome constructive critique as a great way to learn. Our dancers support each other with words of encouragement, we expect all our young people to work as a team. Competition is fun, hard work, incredibly rewarding and above all it offers dancers a targeted, skills focused way of developing their performance technique. There is nothing that can match that atmosphere the moment you walk out on stage, heart racing, adrenaline rushing, giving it your all. That is what all the training is for. So #breakaleg to all our wonderful exceptionally talented CDC dancers! Above all else, enjoy the moment as you step out into the stage light, this is your time to shine!Competition Dance Company is off to Nationals!

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