CDC – Competition Dance Company

CDC – Competition Dance Company
CDC – Competition Dance Company
CDC – Competition Dance Company

Competition - CDC and MTC

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CDC Jazz AUDITIONS - Competition Dance Company

Does your child want to compete? CDC company placement happens on Tuesdays, ask us for times, all ages welcome. 

Musical Theatre AUDITIONS - Musical Theatre Competition & Show Company

Auditions are held from 7th August 2023 in class time.

Want to have an audition over the summer? Please contact us to make an appointment. 770-578-8272.





Competition Dance Company (CDC) is BAPA's official Dance Competition Company. CDC will continue to take BAPA competition achievements to new heights. 

Your dancer has the opportunity to perform in four competitions in and around the state of Georgia from Jan to May each season. We typically go to Nationals alternate years. 

CDC provides your child with an exceptionally well-structured program, designed for students who wish to excel at dance competitions whilst maintaining our high ballet standard. All CDC dancers take a minimum of two ballet technique classes a week, we firmly believe that ballet is your underpinning skill for all dance genres. Taking ballet classes will give your dancer outstanding training, you will see their achievements and love of dance grow to new heights with this well-rounded technique program.

Why CDC?

You are here because you and your dancer are looking for something “more” than just recreational dancing. Your dancer is hungry for success, and loves to learn! Joining BAPA’s Competition Dance Company (CDC) is taking that step up and giving your dancer(s) that “MORE” they desire! This means your dancer LOVES to perform. CDC gives each dancer a great opportunity to perform MORE than the average yearly recital. CDC Members will perform/compete multiple times this upcoming year, including but not limited to, Festivals, Dance Competitions, Recital, etc. Develop your dance training in a supportive, positive and holistic environment; this is a fundamental part of our vision for what is possible here at BAPA.



Each season we take between 50/60 students to Access Broadway Competition here in Atlanta in March. This is a competition unlike any other, it covers Musical Theatre, Acting, Vocals, and Dance - equally!  Our students LOVE going, and it is the highlight of their performance season, you get to watch a wonderful range of performances, competing alongside some of the very best musical theatre studios in the country. 

Your performer can enter group pieces, solos, duet, trios… the sky’s the limit! Auditions are held in August. 


MTC AUDITIONS: Take place in regular class time, ask us for info.

Entry into MTC Company is by audition, this involves dancing and singing. Everyone takes part in a dance call and students can choose their own song to perform. Competition classes take place on Wednesdays, and are grouped by age - 5 - 8 year olds / 9 - 12 year olds / Teens. You do not have to be a member of Musical Theatre Show Company to participate in Competition, although often students take part in both. You do have to absolutely LOVE musical theatre; students often have one skill area that is stronger than the others, but once in our program you will be shocked by how much progress you can make! 


Each class will perform two/three group pieces at the Access Broadway Competition, which takes place here in Atlanta in March each year. In addition to taking the competition class students must also take one dance technique class, this can be jazz, tap, modern, ballet. We have lots of opportunities for your performer to advance their triple threat skills!


MTC started competing in 2013. In 2016 we took 60 students to nationals in New York City and performed on Broadway, at a theatre right in the heart of Times Square; right next door to the Lion King! What an incredible once in a lifetime experience, our students as always were exceptional. 

I am thrilled to say we went on to win Access Broadway National Competition in 2017! 

This season promises to be the best yet; it will involve hard work, but great rewards and progress are the result!  



The benefits of competition for actors; competition is like musical theatre meets synchronised swimming… we work on the set pieces and skills for most of the year. With the emphasis being on excellence and precision. Actors have to be extremely focused and able to walk on stage delivering 100% from the first second the audience sees them.  For competition, they have to perform in front of a panel of judges who are professionals in the industry. It is not like watching an entire show where performers have time to get into character etc. In that respect, it’s like an audition where you have to be able to produce the goods immediately. Competition is excellent preparation for auditions. 

BAPA BROADWAY BOUND - solo, duet, trio, small groups

Take your training to the next level! Students have the option to enter additional pieces to each competition, these will be worked on during private classes. This is a great opportunity for students to both choose performance pieces that they really love, and it is a great way to target instruction that focuses upon a skill area your student specifically needs to develop. We would be happy to discuss options with you if this is something your students might like to do.

Please note - pending approval students can enter solo performance pieces even if they are not in MTC. Please contact to discuss options.



Mrs Marsha - Company Director

Mr David - Vocal Coach (MTC)

Miss Aleena - Ballet & Tap Teacher & Choreographer

Miss Candis - Dance Teacher & Choreographer (CDC)


Dance - KAR Convention / Energy / Star Systems / Platinum

Musical Theatre - Access Broadway Atlanta, GA. 





Email us at or

Call us at 770-578-8272 for more information




Best Musical Theatre School - Access Broadway Regionals 2017

Best Debut School - Access Broadway Nationals 2017

Best Dance School - Access Broadway Regionals 2018

Best Technique School - Junior Theatre Festival 2019



Please call 770 578 8272 or contact us at for more information. BAPA where your star shines the brightest View the BAPA CDC schedule HERE
CDC – Competition Dance Company
CDC – Competition Dance Company
, CDC – Competition Dance Company
CDC – Competition Dance Company
CDC – Competition Dance Company