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After the continued success of BAPA at Access Broadway Annual Competition we have decided to add another company to the BAPA family. CDC is now BAPA's official Dance Competition teaM headed by new faculty member Nicole Ingui. Competition Dance Company (CDC) will take BAPA students to more competitions than ever before. Also the company will provide a more structured program for students who wish to focus more on dance competitions while maintaining our ballet standard.

You are here because you and your dancer are looking for something “more” than just recreational dancing. Joining BAPA’s Competition Dance Company (CDC) is taking that step up and giving your dancer(s) that “MORE” they desire! This means your dancer LOVES to perform. CDC gives each dancer a great opportunity to perform MORE than the average yearly recital. CDC Members will perform/compete multiple times this upcoming year, including but not limited to, Festivals, Dance Competitions, Recital, etc. Our goal is to grow each dancer not only as a group, but as an individual.  This will come with some changes to ensure the growth of our vision as a Competition Dance Company at British Academy of Performing Arts (BAPA). One of the key areas of growth will be the emphasis upon skills and technique based program structure.


Mrs Marsha - Company Director

Miss Nicole - Dance Teacher

Mrs Jennifer - Dance/Musical Theatre Teacher/ Vocal Coach

Mrs Lucy - Musical Theatre Teacher


11 November KAR Convention

1 - 3 February Star Bound

1 - 3 March Access Broadway Atlanta, GA.

15 - 17 March Rainbow (not Mus Th or ADC)

26 - 28 April Hall of Fame.


CDC Mini Dance Company 


CDC Dance Company 


email us at or call us at 770-578-8272 for more information




Best Musical Theatre School - Access Broadway Regionals 2017

Best Debut School - Access Broadway Nationals 2017

Best Dance School - Access Broadway Regionals 2018

Best Technique School - Junior Theatre Festival 2019



Please call 770 578 8272 or contact us at for more information.
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Competition Company