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BAPA Online Academy!

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You are engaging in this activity at your own risk. It is up to you to perform these activities in an open area, free from obstacles. Go at your own pace. By using these online learning videos and live-streaming classes, you agree to waive all liability and hold harmless the British Academy of Performing Arts studio for any injury to yourself or to others, or property damage. By participating in our online program you agree to use do so at your own risk.

Fees per month:

$95 for open access to all classes for your age group. no commtment, take it one month at a time.

Joining mid-month, fees pro-rated. 





BAPA Online Academy


See what our families are saying about us?


If you’re wondering about BAPA and what kind of a company they are, I dare you to watch this video and not crack a smile. This family is pure gold! They run a fantastic business and have hearts of gold. 


It has been hard to find a new norm with everything that has been going on in the world. BAPA has been incredibly amazing in turning things around for all the students and adults with their wonderful online classes. My daughter has been loving all the classes, old and new and being able to connect with her friends and teachers. Thank you BAPA for giving us an outlet!


I continue to be so overjoyed with my child’s amazing performing arts school, BAPA! Today he had an online disco! Marsha and Gerry’s son Jahnay put on a fantastic show that he was talking about all day, and following that he had a 30 minute “talkback” session with his ballet teacher and his friends in class. 


Through the past 2 weeks (which seems like 2 months doesn’t it?) Marsha, Gerry and their amazing staff have been hard at work putting together an online academy. (Anyone can join, go to for more information)


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