Academy Dance Company

Academy Dance Company
Academy Dance Company
Academy Dance Company

ADC - Celebrating 33 years of Exceptional Dance

33 years of experience, training pre-professional ballet dancers.

2 ballet shows per season and end of year recital 

1 classical ballet show per season

6 levels of dancer, grouped by skill level

Progress to Pointe Program

Entry by ballet audition, May, July, and January. 

Dancers ages 8 - 18 years

A place where your dancers can thrive, and your dreams become reality.



Dancers Intensive 2023

Academy Dance Company


 The Academy Dance Company 501(c)(3) is the flagship of BAPA. A pre-professional non-profit dance company created in 1987 by the renowned Ann Avery Burton as an opportunity for the dance students of the school to further expand their skills and talents in ballet. This is an exceptional program designed to offer training above and beyond their formally scheduled weekly classes. If your child is hungry to fully explore ballet, tap, jazz, modern, to really excel in technique and have lots of stage time - then ADC is where they belong. 



Annually November / May / July, please call to arrange a placement class or to get specific audition info. 

We welcome new dancers, please call us to discuss your dancers needs.





Dancers Intensive 2023

Academy Dance Company

Our Pre-Professional Ballet Company Celebrating 33 Years

What really makes ADC stand out is the quality of the training, the dedication to excellence, a staff that have been working at the studio for many years. All dancers have the benefit of working with Miss Marsha, a theatre director who will coach their acting skills, ensuring they are perfectly prepared for the stage.

Dancers audition each year for the Company, and each dancer must exhibit a clear aptitude in ballet and other dance styles. All members of ADC are given the additional opportunity of performing in two ballets per year, working with visiting Professional Master Teachers, Choreographers and Professional Dancers. This is the perfect forum for committed dancers to develop and share their passion and dancing talent with their community.  There are 6 skill levels in ADC, each dancer progresses through the levels at their own personal rate.

ADC is lead by Marsha Newton the Artistic Director, Miss Aleena and Mr Noel with an Artistic Board which focuses on all dance genres, overseeing each dancer's progress in all areas. Miss Aleena is one of our expert teachers and rehearsal coaches who grew up at BAPA. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our dancers, after all, she has been exactly where they are. Here at BAPA, we are committed to training the dancers and leaders of tomorrow.

Contact:, to schedule an appointment to discuss your dancers future.

Dancers Dream Big at BAPA!


Academy Dance Company

ADC Dancers range in age from nine to eighteen years old; there are four levels within the Company, placement is decided by audition. Dancers have the opportunity to take the following disciplines:
Pointe & Pre-Pointe



The focus of ADC is to provide an excellent level of dance training, with a focus on ballet. All dancers get the opportunity to perform regularly throughout the season in each dance discipline they are taking in weekly classes. We aim to give each dancer as much stage performance time as possible. Entrance to ADC is by ballet audition, please contact the studio for more information.

Please call 770 578 8272 or contact us at for more information.
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