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Ballet Classes

Available Ballet classes

We work hard to ensure our Ballet is En Pointe at BAPA!


Pre-Ballet (2 rising 3 year olds) An introduction to ballet dance in a playful setting, through our mini-ballet program. Here at our studios in Marietta children are taught rhythm, coordination, basic skills and terminology through song and dance routines. A Mini-Recital is held at our Black Box Theatre in May to gently ease children into performing.

Ballet (Ages 4-7) Designed for the younger dancer interested in learning classical ballet. Focus is on technique, coordination, musical rhythm, elementary positions of ballet and creative expression.

Ballet (Ages 8 – 12) Classes are organized by technical skill Level.
Older dancers in our primary program work on both introducing and refining basic ballet technique; with a new maturity enabling them to take their dance education to the next level.

Teen Ballet Program focuses upon students really refining the skills they have already learned in previous years, whilst developing the dancers ballet technique in preparation for performance in both our BAPA Recitals. Teachers will also ensure that the dancers core skills and understanding of ballet as an art form is maintained throughout and developed. Students are encouraged to take ballet twice a week to really develop their skills.

En Pointe

En Pointe at The British Academy of Performing Arts
We have an extensive pointe program at BAPA here in East Cobb. We offer multiple pointe and pre-pointe and beginner pointe classes during the week. We have designed a pointe assessment process and will guide your dancer through rigorous training to ensure they are pointe ready.

Pas de Deux
We offer weekly partnering classes for all our Senior ballet dancers. These are taught by professional dancers, and are offered in conjunction with our Boys Ballet Program.

Click Here to watch a clip of Our 2015/2016 Senior Company Dancers. Academy Dance Company is BAPA very own non profit Pre-Proffessional Ballet Company.

What is Ballet?

Classical Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It is a highly technical form of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology. Ballet requires years of training to learn and master, and much practice to retain proficiency. Ballet is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of pointe shoes.

We believe that ballet training is the foundation for every form of dance. Here at BAPA we commence classes at the age of two years old. We welcome all children to our dance classes here in Marietta; we are firm believers that children should learn the correct technique, ballet positions and terminology regardless of age.

Boys Ballet Training

Boys Ballet
Boys Ballet classes are offered weekly, this program is designed specifically to cater to the needs of the male dancer, and are taught by professional male dancers. These classes are free to any students currently enrolled in any other program at BAPA.

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Ballet Performance, it's Show Time!

All dancers 5 years and older have the opportunity to perform in two shows per season.
We have an Annual Recital for the entire studio in May held at the Cobb Civic Center / J.T. .Anderson Theatre.
Our Winter Ballet Show in December is held at The Marietta High School, 16 & 17th December 2016.

Winter Ballet:
Nutcracker Swings - an Original Ballet as Choreographed by Miss Bethany Butts Elias.
This show is produced in conjunction with The British Academy of Performing Arts Pre - Professional Dance Company, The Academy Dance Company. ADC comprises of dancers aged 8 - 18 who are passionate about ballet. Entry is by audition, in January, May and July.

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